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UnProductive Solutions, Exhibition co-curator with Rebekah Modrak (2023)
An online exhibition, a company, a portfolio of subsidiaries and their services; Online
With artworks by Caroline Sinders, Guido Segni & Matìas Reyes, Tara Kelton, Bruce Asbestos and Lauren Lee McCarthy.

Disturbing the Balance, Exhibition co-curator with Gaia Tedone (://ftp) (2022)
An digital exhibition conceived for the programme “Sustainability” on the app Particle.art + a series of artists talks at BASE in Milan (IT) With works by Joana Moll, IOCOSE, Mark Ramos & Ziyang Wu, Sultana Zana

The Broken Timeline, Exhibition co-curator with Annet Dekker and Gaia Tedone (2022)
An exhibition of curatorial projects on the web on distant.gallery in collaboration with Valiz publisher; Online

Curating on the Web - webinar + workshop, Event co-curator with Walkin Studios (2021)
For: A series of presentations, talks by guest speakers and a practical session about curatorial interventions online that challenge the mechanisms and traditional models of producing and displaying contemporary art; Online

Walkin the Portal, Event co-curator with Walkin Studios (2020)
For: A series of daily live interviews with creatives during the in-betweeness in the time of a lockdown; on Walkin Studios Instagram account

The more you see, the more you know by Yogesh Barve, Exhibition co-curator with Cristina Anglada, Kelani Nichole and Louis-Charles Tiar (2019)
For: Intervention for Dígitos y Átomos exhibiton at Dilalica Gallery, Barcelona

Silicon Plateau Vol.2 @ Banner Repeater, Event curator (2019)
An 8-week long visual book display accompanied by mini-interviews with the 18 book contributors on social media; at Banner Repeater, London, UK

Unscripted Interfaces, Exhibition curator (2018)
An exhibition of works by artists and software engeneer Sophia Brueckner and artist Tara Kelton; at GALLERYSKE, Bangalore
Exhibition text here

Unknown Cloud on its way to Bangalore, Facilitator (2017)
An immersive artwork based on a smartphone app created by the artist duo Lundahl & Seitl; presented at the National Centre of Biological Sciences in collaboration with Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

#exstrange, Exhibition curator with Rebekah Modrak (2017)
A curatorial project transforming eBay into a site of curatorial operation, artistic production and cultural exchange, and showcasing artworks conceived by contemporary artists to be encountered as auctions by passersby on eBay; on eBay and exstrange.com

Series of artist residencies and events at T-A-J Residency, Programmes Director (2015-2017)
Interdisciplinary programme of residencies & series of talks, film screenings, performances and workshops at T-A-J Residency in Bangalore. Some of the included participants: artists Abhishek Hazra, Paribartana Mohanty, Lucy Pawlak, Annalisa Sonzogni; collectives GEKIYASU 激安, IOCOSE and the Center for Genomic Gastronomy; curators Dani Admiss, Rob La Frenais and Brendan McGetrick; designers Shreya Oza and Ishan Khosla; writers Trisha Gupta and Karan Mahajan; at TAJ Residency and SKE Projects, Bangalore

The C(h)roma Show, Exhibition curator with Tara Kelton (2014)
An exhibition of artists' video and sound works taking over the walls of display televisions inside one of the shops of the retail electronics chain Croma; at the Croma shop in Indiranagar, Bangalore
Exhibition flyer here

The NO TUBE Contest, Facilitator (2014)
A performance and a competition by the artist collective IOCOSE at Sree Venkateshwara Cyber Cafe and The Centre of Internet and Society in Bangalore.

Un-publish: Outsourced, Exhibition curator (2013)
A two-part exhibition project online, offline and in print w/ new commissions and live broadcasts by Tara Kelton and Prayas Abhinav, organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity; at Banner Repeater, London, and or-bits.com.

On the Upgrade WYSIWYG launch events, Event curator (2013)
Organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/a conversation on modes of bridging online and offline publishing and distribution by AND, or-bits.com and Studio Hato and performances/reading by Jamie Allen and Sara Nunes Fernandes; at Banner Repeater, London and The Northern Charter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(On) Accordance, Exhibition curator (2012-2013)
A two-part exhibition project online and at Grand Union, organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ new online commissions by: Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Renee Carmichael, Constant Dullaart, Lucy Pawlak, Ashok Sukumaran, Julia Tcharfas and Ben Vickers; and with versions of works by artists featured in previous or-bits.com online exhibitions at Grand Union: Irini Karayannopoulou, M+M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia), Rosa Menkman, Damien Roach, Richard Sides; on or-bits.com and at Grand Union, Birmingham

128kbps objects on basic.fm, Radio programme curator and coordinator for guest curators (2012)
A radio exhibition broadcast organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ new commissions by Jamie Allen, André Avelãs, Claudia Fonti, Juneau Projects and Sara Nunes Fernandes, and more + guest curated content by Anne Duffau and Tim Dixon; on Basic.fm, online.

The Reading Room, Exhibition curator with Tim Dixon and Cheryl Jones (2012)
Exhibition of artist's publications from The Reading Room collection with video screening and performance programmes, w/ works by James Langdon & Stuart Whipps, George Barber, Amanda Beech, David Blandy, Kate Liston, Sara Nunes Fernandes & Lucia Prancha; at Grand Union, Birmingham

Informal, Exhibition curator with Gil Leung (2012)
Online exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ new commissions by Stefano Calligaro & Pond & Karin Hueber, Richard Healy David Horvitz, Michael Kargl Marc Philip van Kempen Bruce Lowerly, Paul Pieroni Mike Sperlinger and Ignacio Uriarte and w/guest bloggers Daniela Cascella, Dead Days Beyond Help and Florian Wiencek, on or-bits.com

Which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together?, Exhibition curator with Tim Dixon and Cheryl Jones (2012)
Group exhibition and event series co-curated for The Event 2011, w/ works by Trisha Baga, Erik Bunger, Tom Dale, Simon Faithfull; at Grand Union, Birmingham

Truth, Exhibition curator and coordinator for guest curators (2011-2012)
Online exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ new commissions by Angus Braithwaite, David Raymond Conroy, Adelita Husni-Bey, IOCOSE M+M and Richard Sides, w/ guest curated projects by Christine Takengny & Ute Pannen and Gaia Tedone and w/ guest bloggers Federico Campagna, Jenny Steele and Nathan Witt; on or-bits.com

SEARCH ENGINE, AiR programme and exhibition curator (2011)
A six-week AiR programme and series of public workshops w/ American Mountains, Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel (ambient.tv), goto10; at Grand Union, Birmingham, in collaboration with Fierce Festival
Project press release here

Acceleration, Exhibition curator (2011)
Online exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ new commissions by Ayo & Oni Oshodi, Benedict Drew, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Rosa Menkman, Steve Ounanian, Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, Damien Roach and Amanda Wasielewski and w/ guest bloggers Steven Ball and Morgan Quaintance; on or-bits.com

Graham Ball, Event curator (2011)
Sound performance and installation in two episodes by Paul Abbott and Cara Tolmie as part of Live Acts and Sound series of events; at Grand Union, Birmingham

I-Love-This-Channel, Podcast curator and editor (2010)
A week of web podcasts and blogging for the Tate Summer Institute 2010: Screen and Holes organised by Emma Hart and Anna Lucas; online and at Tate Modern, London

Source Coding: Launch event, Exhibition curator (2010)
Gallery exhibition of printed digital files and launch event organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ printed works Francesca Anfossi, Joana Bastos, Erik Bünger, Patrick Coyle, Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind, Jamie George, Emma Hart, Irini Karayannopoulou, Radiomentale, Adam Rompel, David Rule, Annalisa Sonzogni, Maria Theodoraki, Davide Tidoni, Andrew Venell, David Wojtowycz and sound installation and live electronics by J Milo Taylor and Tonylight.; at Quare Space, London

On-looking, Exhibition curator (2010)
Online exhibition works organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ works and new commissions by Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind, Emma Hart, Irini Karayannopoulou, Radiomentale, David Rule, Annalisa Sonzogni, Davide Tidoni and Andrew Venell and w/guest blogger Tamarin Norwood; on or-bits.com

Maria Theodoraki’s Here en Route, Exhibition and event curator (2010)
Gallery exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/new work by Maria Theodoraki; at JT Gallery, London

Simplicity, Exhibition curator (2010)
Online exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ works and new commissions by Francesca Anfossi, Joana Bastos, Erik Bünger, Patrick Coyle, Jamie George, Tristan Perich, Nadine Pütz, James Richards and David Wojtowycz and w/ guest blogger Lorena Munoz-Alonso; on or-bits.com

The Listening Project: Veiled Conversation No. 9 by Pedro Lasch, Event coordinator (2009)
A listening session co-organised with Lucia Farinati for Sound Threshold ; at The Showroom, London

screen-play + Back and Forth. And all over again, Screening curator w/ Gaia tedone (May and July 2009)
Video screening programmes including works by Emanuel Almborg, George Barber, Slater Bradley, Matthew Noel-Tod, Zbig Rybczynski, Józef Robakowski, Sepideh Saii, Patrick Ward + Ann Carlson and Mary Ellen Strom, Marcel Dinahet, sue.k., Sheena Macrae, Rä di Martino, Elizabeth McAlpine, Sandrine Nicoletta, Wood & Harrison; at JT Gallery, London

Superposition, Exhibition curator (2009)
Online exhibition organised as part of or-bits.com exhibition activity, w/ works and new commissions by Ed Atkins, Marcel Dinahet, Annie Gosfield, Harun Morrison, Adam Rompel, Thea Stallwood, Maria Theodoraki, Videothing and Samuel Williams; on or-bits.com

brilliant noise, Screening curator w/ Kyu jin Hwang, Maria Joao Afonso, Monica Meriggi, Harun Morrison, Lorena Munoz-Alonso, Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Nadine Pütz (2008)
Video screening event, co-curated as part of Late at Tate at Tate Britain, London

SHOT/COUNTERSHOT. When things are the way they look., Exhibition curator (2008)
Group exhibition and audio tour (w/Sam Belinfante, Chris Grygiel, Svein Moxvold, Adam Rompel, Maria Theodoraki, Thea Stallwood); at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

In and out of synch, Exhibition curator (2008)
Installation of sound works by Bernard Gal, Radiomentale and recordings by Steve Reich; at Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London

"‘I’, that is, my ‘self’, is such a normative abstraction and empty signifier. I am the hologram of the totem around which my desires, drives and dreams congregate, I am the literary artifice which allows them to put aside their differences and achieve some sort of functioning union. I, as such, do not exist: I am the populist fiction of my inner world, I function as its Civilisation. We are Civilisations of our own selves, and, as such, we rise and collapses, cyclically scarring our existential territories with the marks of recurrent apocalypses. […] As the invisible tailors of our own inner narrative and Civilisation, our intent is that of acquiring a certain degree of control over them and, ultimately, to reduce them as much as possible into submission to us." Federico Campagna, 2013. The Last Night. London: Zero Books.