writing and publishing
Fortuitous Associations and Kin Networks, essay (2023)
Written for Home Sweet Home, Bangalore, India

Refiguring The Broken Timeline, Book chapter co-authored with Annet Dekker and Gaia Tedone (2023)
In: L. Nolasco-Rózsás, M. Schädler (eds.), "Beyond Matter, Within Space. Curatorial and Art Mediation Techniques on the Verge of Virtual Reality", Hatje Cantz, Hamburg

2020: Was it the end of curating on the web?, Book chapter (2022)
In: J. Horáková, M. Kupková, M. Szücsová (eds.), "The Black Box Book. Archives and Curatorship in the Age of Transformation of Art Institutions", Masaryk University Press, Brno

The Broken Timeline, Collection of online exhibitions (2021)
In: A. Dekker (ed), "Curating Digital Art," Valiz, Amsterdam; online and in print
Also in: "Matter. Non-Matter. Anti-Matter" exhibition (2022), curated by Livia Nolasco-Rózsás, at ZKM - Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, GER

curating.online, ongoing research project into curatorial work in the online environment (2021-)
Research developed in partnership with the Exhibition Research Lab (ERL) at the Liverpool John Moores University – Liverpool, UK

Walkin the Portal, Editor with Walkin Studios (2020)
Book collecting 16 interviews with artists, writers, researchers and musicians that took place live on Instagram during the lockdown 2.0 in Bangalore, India.
With: Tatiana Bazzichelli • Rahul Giri • IOCOSE • Jennifer Hodgson • Gayatri Kodikal • Ali Akbar Mehta • Anil Menon • Harun Morrison • Akshat Nauriyal • Mathangi Krishnamurty • Josephine Simone • Suvani Suri • Meenakshi Thirukode • Nick Tobier • Andrea Ulrich • Sultana Zana.
Published by Walkin Studios

Mostre sul web: formati di reinterpretazione in un contesto performativo (Web-based exhibitions: formats of reinterpretation in a performative context) + Collecting websites: Interview with Constant Dullaart, Book chapter and interview (2020)
In: V. Catricalà and D. Quaranta, (eds), “Sopravvivenza programmata. Etiche e pratiche di conservazione, dall'arte cinetica alla Net Art,” Kappabit, Roma.

Curating on the Web: The Evolution of Platforms as Spaces for Producing and Disseminating Web-Based Art, Journal paper (2019)
In: Special Issue Art Curation: Challenges in the Digital Age, edited by Francesca Franco, Arts 2019, Volume 8 Issue 3

Internet Art: Opinions, Respondent (2019)
In: Artribune, Internet Art Stories section edited by Valentina Tanni, Issue 52, November 2019

@ #exstrange, Essay co-authored with Rebekah Modrak (2019)
In: ANYWHERE iii, edited by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas, published by Centre of Visual Art, University of Melbourne; School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York and Project Anywhere

Silicon Plateau Vol—2, Editor with Tara Kelton (2018)
Book exploring the intersection of technology, culture and society in the Indian IT city of Bangalore, specifically the ecosystem of mobile apps and their on-demand services.
With writing and artworks by: Sunil Abraham and Aasavri Rai • Yogesh Barve • Deepa Bhasthi • Carla Duffett • Furqan Jawed • Vir Kashyap • Saudha Kasim • Qusai Kathawala • Clay Kelton • Tara Kelton • Mathangi Krishnamurthy • Sruthi Krishnan • Vandana Menon • Lucy Pawlak • Nicole Rigillo • Yashas Shetty • Mariam Suhail.
Published by Institute of Network Cultures ISBN 978-94-92302-29-8

The labor of #exstrange: visualizing, activating, cleansing, and making trouble in the online market-place, Book chapter co-authored with Rebekah Modrak (2017)
In: "Investigations on the Cultural Economy of Media Art", edited by Alessio Chierico, published by Digicult Editions, pp.94-108

#exstrange: A Curatorial Intervention on eBay, Editor with Rebekah Modrak (2017)
Catalogue of the exhibition #exstrange with commissioned essays by: Mark Dery, Rob Walker, Padma Chirumamilla, Gaia Tedone, Renee Carmichael and Marialaura Ghidini + Rebekah Modrak.
Published by Maize Publishing, University of Michigan ISBN 978-1607854234

#exstrange: curatorial and artistic interventions on eBay, Journal paper (2017)
In: Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2017

Paradoxes of the Now, Exhibition review (2016)
For: Yogesh Barve's exhibition "Explaining could be exploiting" at Clark House Initiative, Mumbai (2016)
In: Art INDIA magazine, Vol.XX Issue I

One More Time, GIF essay (2016)
For: "Status Quo" exhibition curated by A---Z, online and at Studio RCA, London

On drawing virtual objects, and rendering dreams, Exhibition essay (2015)
For: Tara Kelton's exhibition "interior.lib (Fly-through)", at GALLERYSKE, Delhi, IN

Silicon Plateau Vol—1, Editor with Tara Kelton (2015)
Book exploring the intersection of technology, culture and society in the Indian IT city of Bangalore.
With writing and artworks by: Abhishek Hazra • IOCOSE • Tara Kelton • Anil Menon • Achal Prabhala • Sunita Prasad • Sreshta Rit Premnath • Renuka Rajiv • Anja Gollor & Mirko Merkel • Christoph Schäfer.
Published by The Centre for Internet & Society ISBN 978-81-926304-4-1

Internet Art, Dictionary entry co-authored with Sarah Cook (2015)
Grove Art Online Oxford Art Online, Oxford University Press.

Tangible Algorithms of the Everyday, Exhibition essay (2015)
For: Martin John Callanan's artwork I Cannot Not Communicate (2015), premiered at Vitsœ, New York

Curating Web­-Based Art Exhibitions: Mapping Online and Offline Formats of Display, Doctoral thesis (2015)
For: Practice-based PhD with CRUMB at University of Sunderland

Realities and evolution of producing and publishing online (and off), Interviews (2014)
A series of interviews with a range of arts practitioners including Alessandro Ludovico (Neural magazine) and Robert Sakrowski (curatingYouTube)
In: CRUMB website: Interviews

The fluidity of formats between publications and the screen, Interview with Misery Connoisseur (2014)
In: Digitalsmigital published by Misery Connoisseur and launched at Tenderbooks, London, UK.

Reflections on Creating and Exhibiting Digital Art, Conference paper (2013)
Co-author with Victoria Bradbury, Roddy Hunter, Suzy O’Hara and Dominic Smith.
In: ISEA2013 Conference proceedings. Learning from the CRUMB Method. Sydney, Australia.

On the Upgrade WYSIWYG, Editor and producer (2013)
Book exhibition created as part of or-bits.com's activities and exploration of the processes of translation of artworks that migrate to different sites, taking up different forms and formats, in print.
With artworks by: Jamie Allen • Renee Carmichael • David Horvitz • IOCOSE • Michael Kargl • Sara Nunes Fernandes • Julia Tcharfas • Maria Theodoraki • Richard Sides.
Published by or-bits.com, printed by Lulu.com, ISBN 978-0-9576741-0-3

On the Ecology of the Distributed Work of Art, Exhibition essay (2013)
In: Open File 3, exhibition catalogue for Rickroll exhibition organised by Open File, Spike Island (Bristol)
Online version available here

Appropriating Web Interfaces: From the Artist As DJ to the artist As Externalizer, Journal paper (2012)
In: NMC Media-N Journal, Fall 2012: v.08 n.02

Context-sensitive information spectacles, Catalogue essay (2012)
In: CHIMERA Q.T.E. exhibition catalogue curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini at Cell Project Space, London

Artist Profile: Benedict Drew, Artist Profile (2012)
In: this is tomorrow; online

New forms for old places and other ways of looking, Catalogue essay (2012)
In: Public Access Speed Show organised by Rachel Falconer, Ruth Hogan, Augustina Matuseviciute, Youna Shin, at Living Space, London, including writing by Marc Garrett and Kenneth Goldsmith

You'll be watched, Exhibition essay (2012)
For: Benedict Drew's The Persuaders organised by CIRCA, at CIRCA Site, Newcastle upon Tyne

Review of Transmediale 2k+12, in/compatible, Exhibition review (2012)
In: Furtherfield; online

On the Upgrade — September 2011, Editor and publisher (2011)
Postal box exhibition created as part of or-bits.com's activities and exploration of the processes of translation of artworks that migrate to different sites, taking up different forms and formats, in print.
With artworks by: Patrick Coyle • Benedict Drew • Jamie George • Tamarin Norwood • Damien Roach • David Rule.
Published by or-bits.com

On enchanted castles, Catalogue essay (2011)
In: Their Wonderlands exhibition catalogue organised by They Are Here, at MAC Brimingham

The Anarcheological Search and the WWW, Essay (2010)
In: jotta.com; online

◎ Writer in residence, (May 2010)
For: The Open Laboratory by They Are Here; Battersea Art Centre, London

Never when it happens. Only afterwards, Catalogue essay (2009)
In: The Pursuit of Happiness exhibition catalogue organised by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz and Tekla Wozniak, at This Is Not a Gateway Festival, London

Looking for the contemporary documenter; Exhibition review (2009)
Review of Istanbul Biennial 09 for LUXONLINE; Sept 2009
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"What I have in common with this guy [a guy standing in a field in the year 1200 doing whatever it is people in 1200 did while standing in fields], I suspect, is that a lot of our mental dialogue is with people we know: our parents, wives, kids, neighbors. Where I suspect we part ways is in the number and nature of the conversations we have with people we've never met. He probably does some talking to his gods, his ancestors, mythological beings, historical figures. So do I. But there is a category of people I mentally converse with that he does not: people from far away, who have arrived in the mind, with various agendas, via high-tech sources." Saunders, G., 2007. The Braindead Megaphone. London: Penguin Books.