Silicon Plateau Vol—1, Speaker (2017)
For: Creative Encounters with Science and Technology Symposium; at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016, Kochi, India

Poetics of Technology in Performance, Panelist (2017)
For: Attakkalari India Biennial 2017 Conference; at Alliance Française, Bangalore, India

Shifts: A brief history of exhibition formats online, Speaker (2016)
At Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm, Sweden

The performativity of the web: formats of documentation and archive of web-based art, Speaker (2016)
For: Conservation and Restauration of Digital Media study day organised by Domenico Quaranta; at Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italy

Moving Images, Web Platforms and Distributed Contexts, Visiting lecturer and tutor (2015)
At Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

Curating web platforms: the rise of the distributed exhibition, online and offline, Panelist (2014)
For: Uncertain Spaces: Virtual Configurations in Contemporary Art and Museums; at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon

Curating online and shifts in exhibition formats, Speaker (2014)
For: Thinking Digital Arts Panel, Thinking Digital Conference; at Discovery Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Curating online: distributive exhibitions, Visiting lecturer (2014)
For: Humanities course programmed by Andy Weir; at Lincoln Science Centre, Oxford, UK

Symposium: Landscapes: From the Romantic to the Digital Age, Speaker with Prof. Beryl Graham (2014)
At Whitechapel, London, UK

Into Practice: Sharing Session, Speaker with Victoria Bradbury, Suzy O’Hara and Dominic Smith (2013)
At ISIS Art, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Curating online and liveness, Speaker (2013)
For: Live Art in 2113, 2013 Live Art UK Associates Gathering curated by Fierce Festival; at MAC, Birmingham, UK

Distributed Curating And Modes Of Interaction, Panelist (2013)
For: Run Computer, Run Symposium; at Rua Red gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Hybrid curatorial models: Working in-between the online and offline, Panelist (2013)
Co-author with Victoria Bradbury, Roddy Hunter, Suzy O’Hara and Dominic Smith.
In: ISEA2013 Conference proceedings. Learning from the CRUMB Method. Sydney, Australia.

A conversation about art writing, Speaker and organiser (2013)
At T.A.J. Residency & SKE Projects, Bangalore, India

Curating online: a talk about, Speaker (2013)
At The Centre for Internet Society, Bangalore, India

Six Conversations on Curation: A Conversation about Digital Presence, Moving Objects and Where the Work is, Speaker (2012)
In conversation with Gil Leung; at LUX, London, UK

A conversation between Mark Fisher and Matthew Gandy, Panel moderator (2012)
For: The Really Wild Show; at SPACE Studios, London, UK and publishing online/offline, Speaker (2012)
For: eShelf, an A-Z of independent publishing online; at X Marks the Bökship, London, UK

Professional Practice: Distribution Seminar, Speaker (2012)
At LUX, London, UK

Working through and beyond web-based video platforms: towards a redefinition of moving images, Panelist (2012)
For: Contemporary Currents Symposia, LUX/ICA Moving Image Biennial; at Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK

Keep up with its pace. It is not a mere technological innovation, Speaker (2011)
For: Cafe Curio: Broadcasting; at Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

Curating in-between online and offline sites, Visiting lecturer and tutor (2011)
For: Visiting Artists' Talks Programme”, visiting lecturer and tutor; at York St John University, York, UK

Cross-platform narratives and movements between sites, Speaker (2011)
For: Narrative Futures Symposium; at FACT, Liverpool, UK

Curating online and distributing it across platforms, Speaker (2011)
For: Showing and Sharing. Discussing current ways of communicating art on the web organised by Low&Hi as part of Folkestone Triennial Fringe; Folkestone, UK

Why websites are good houses for art and artists, Speaker (2011)
1-minute provocation in response to the question, what makes a good home for art (and for artists) and how can we ensure there are more of them?
For: Flash Conference as part of State of the Arts Conference 2011, London , UK

A brief history of curating online, Speaker (2011)
For: Digital Content Development day: Live Art and Institutions on the web; at Fierce Festival, Birmingham, UK


L'arte sul web: nuove piattaforme per la fotografia, Workshop leader (2016)
Corso Curatori; Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Modena, Italy

Curator's Forum Workgroup session in Kochi, Workshop leader and organiser with Julia Villaseñor (PRACforum Delhi) (2014)
A collateral project of Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014; at Yousuf Building, Fort Kochi, India

Complementary exhibition sites, Workshop leader (2014)
As part of C I R C U L A R a publishing project organised by Kirsty Hendry; at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Into Practice 'Book Sprint'; Workshop leader and organiser with Victoria Bradbury, Suzy O'Hara and Dominic Smith (2014)
Book sprint event with Victoria Bradbury, Suzy O’Hara and Dominic Smith; at Banner Repeater, London, UK

Hybrid Curatorial Models: Producing and Publishing in-between offline and online dimensions, Workshop leader and organiser (2013)
A CRUMB professional development workshop w/Sarah Cook in collaboration with Sarai-CSDS; at Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi, India

Writing sound, Workshop organiser (2012)
A workshop led by Daniela Cascella as part of activity; at The Northern Charter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Distribution And Dissemination After New Media, Workshop organiser with Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham (2012)
A CRUMB professional development workshop organised as part of AV Festival 2012; at Literary and Philosophical Society Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

(played as part of the above presentation)

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GETTING SOME THINKING (2) >>> "If the students [May '68] were the detonators, the media were the resonators. [...] But this sort of argument has been constructed in the absence of analysis. I would say the contrary that the media have never discharged their responsibility with more efficiency, and that, indeed, in their function of habitual social control, they were right on top of th action. This is because, beneath the disarrey of their routine content, they preserved their form; and this form, regardless of the context is what inexorably connects them with the system of power. By broadcasting the events in the abstract universality of public opinion, they imposed a sudden and inordinate development on the movement of events; and through this forced and anticipated extension, they deprived the original movement of its own rythm and of its meaning. In a word: they short-circuited it. [...] But transgression and subversion never get "on the air" without being subtly negated as they are: transformed into models, neutralised into signs, they are evisherated of their meaning."
Jean Baudrillard, 1986. The death of Media. In Video Culture. A Critical Investigation. Visual Studies Workshop.